Frequently Asked Questions

What is the distance from the airport?


  •  About 17 miles (approximately 40 minutes’ drive without traffic)


Where is the nearest bank?


  • We have several banks and ATM services at the Ridgeways mall (about 200 meters away)


Where is the nearest hospital?


  • Agakhan Hospital, 5.1 miles from HEART Lodge
  • AgaKhan Clinic (used by HEART Staff) is five minutes’ drive from HEART Lodge
  • M P Shah Hospital is 5.7 miles from HEART Lodge


Where is the nearest Forex Bureau?


  • Morgan Forex – Available at the Ridgeways Mall two minutes ‘drive/walking distance


Nearest malls and shopping centers:


  • Ridgeways Mall, two minutes ‘drive/walking distance
  • Village Market, 15 minutes’ drive from HEART Lodge
  • Sarit Center 15 minutes’ drive from HEART Lodge
  • Thika Road Mall 15 Minutes’ drive from HEART Lodge


Please visit www.africaheart.com for more information about the ministry.


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